Warm/Vintage Edit

how to give your photos that warm, vintage feel

This tutorial teaches you how to post-edit your photos to give them a warm, vintage feel such as in the before and after comparison photo on the left. 

This post-editing tutorial was made using GIMP, a free photo editing software. However the terms and techniques used in this tutorial can be generalized to other post-editing software such as Photoshop, etc.

For more post-editing actions and script for Photoshop and GIMP, visit JFotography's actions/scripts section.


  1. Begin with any photo. 

    This photo should already be well tone balanced and contrast edited for best results.

  2. Make a new layer. Fill the layer with yellow #fbf2a3.

  3. Set the yellow layer's property to MULTIPLY at 70% to 100% opacity. 

    The specific opacity of the yellow layer will depend on the colors of your original photo. Adjust accordingly.

  4. Make a new layer. Fill the layer with purple #ac56b3.

  5. Set the purple layer's property to SCREEN at 15% to 30% opacity. 

    Again, adjust the specific opacity accordingly based on your photo's original colors.

  6. With some minor contrast adjustments, you should get your desired final result. Re-adjust the layer opacities as needed.


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