Useful Camera Features

features to look for when choosing a new camera
to ensure you'll have the degree of control you need to take great photos

Advanced lens control




Aperture Priority Mode

- typically designated A or Av

- needed to control depth of field

- used for bokeh (wide aperture), panorama (small aperture), shooting in low lighting conditions (wide aperture), etc

Shutter Priority Mode

- typically designated S or Tv

- needed to control duration of exposure 

- used for light painting (slow shutter speed), preventing shutter delay (fast shutter speed), etc

Macro Mode (non-dSLRs)

- typically built into the camera controller or under digital settings

- useful for shooting close-ups and macros 

Manual Focusing

- typically built into the lens or under digital settings

- used for focusing in low lighting conditions, focusing in photos with a shallow depth of field, etc

Advanced camera settings


Exposure Compensation 

- typically built into the camera as a separate button or under digital settings

- needed to prevent over and under exposure

- used when shooting with backlighting (increase exposure compensation), under low lighting conditions (decrease exposure compensation), etc

ISO Control

- typically under digital settings

- used when shooting in low lighting conditions (high ISO), minimize grain (low ISO), etc

Manual White Balance

- typically under digital settings

- used when shooting in toned lighting conditions, to adjust hues


Accessory capabilities

Adapter Ring (non-dSLRs)

- consult a search engine for the proper adapter ring for your camera model

- needed to attach filters and accessories to a non-dSLR lens


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