Levitate Small Objects

even in low lighting conditions with slow shutter speed
To make an object appear as if it is levitating, you could simply toss an object and take the photo while it's still in midair. These shots are generally referred to as actions shots and require very fast shutter speeds. 

For more information on action shots, consult a search engine. 

The action shot depicted on the right was taken at f/1.8, ISO 800 with a shutter speed of 1/320th of a second. 

However, shutter lag when attempting to take action shots will often result in unwanted blur. You can generally achieve a sufficient shutter speed by widening the aperture, raising ISO, etc. But sometimes, the lighting conditions are just too low to take action shots. Or maybe you hate raising ISO because it causes grain. Or maybe your widest aperture is not wide enough. Whatever the reason, this tutorial explores a way to compensate for all that and "fake" an action shot by using clear strings.  
You will need
  • clear strings (such as fishing strings)
  • a place to hang or hook the string (such as from the ceilings)

  • Instead of tossing the object and trying to take a photo of it while it's in midair, tie it to some clear strings and hang it from the ceiling. 

  • Clear strings are nearly invisible against a light background. 
  • Or you may just edit the strings out in post-editing.

Notes on Benefits and Limitations
  • The benefit of using fishing strings is that the object stays in place. Therefore achieving the desired composition a lot easier.
  • However, fishing strings do have many limitations. They can't be used outdoors. Some objects are too heavy. Setup can be difficult. For those types of shots, fast shutter speed is still the way to go.  


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