DIY Light Tent

all you need is paper

You will need

  • 4 pieces of white paper
  • an external flash (preferably) for lighting


  • Fold 2 pieces of paper to create the sides of the light tent
  • Stack 1 piece of paper on top and place 1 piece of paper below


  • Try arranging the pieces of paper at different angles to allow the light to bounce and diffuse differently for different effects

Results (light tent diagram → light tent constructed → results using light tent)

1. Using an external flash unit attached to the camera

2. Using an external flash unit not attached to the camera allowing for greater control of the lighting

3. Using natural lighting

Too simple? Add your own spin! 

These simple paper light tents have worked well for me for the few times I've had to do product photography or stock photography with objects isolated from the background.

There are many more DIY light tent tutorials available online. Some are more complicated but durable, some require more craftsmanship while others are simpler. All you have to do is search a little:

- How to make an inexpensive light tent

- IKEA Hackers DIY light tent

- and more

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