Breaking the Rules

explained through example

Centered Composition

When used ineffectively, centered composition may be regarded as unimaginative and boring. Composition rules generally recommend employing off centered compositions such as the rule of thirds or the golden ratio. However, when used effectively, centered composition can be used to accentuate an individual important element and emphasize symmetry. 

Cutting Off Your Subjects

Composition rules generally recommend including your entire subject in the frame of the photo. However, cutting off your subjects can be used to create a degree of anonymity, to evoke a sense of movement, to convey a feeling of departure, or simply as a compromise so that other composition rules may be more successflly followed to create an overall more effective photo.  

Other Ways to Break the Rules

Each composition rule may be followed or broken. These are but a few demonstrations of instances where breaking the rule was desired in order to create a better photo. For more information on instances where breaking the rules may be desired consult a search engine. 

Again, keep in mind that composition rules serve merely as a guide to help you properly compose a photo. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether to adhere to these rules or to break them. 

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