Before and After

post-editing comparisons with tips

1. A little contrast goes a long way
Use curves to enhance the contrast of your photo and make the existing colors really pop. 

2. Use color to add an additional degree of contrast

Color adjustments using curves can be used to bring out contrasting colors in your photo, adding an additional degree of contrast. 

3. Rotate and crop into the proper composition

If you didn't properly compose a photo when it was taken, just rotate and crop the photo into the proper composition perhaps by follow composition rules or perhaps by breaking the rules

4. Add a touch of color with curves

Use curves to adjust the colors of your photos. Free post-editing actions and scripts are available for download in the scripts/actions section of JFotography to help you learn how to use curves. 

5. Clone and heal if necessary 

Use the clone and heal tools sparingly to tuck in that shirt, fix up that hair, or remove that small piece of over-exposure in the background. Minimize your use to minimize the chances of a Photoshop disaster or the fake-over-processed look.

More before and after post-editing comparisons

For more post-editing comparisons from JFotography, check out JFotography's Facebook page. You can learn a lot about post-editing just by observing how others post-edit and how a photo may be enhanced through post-editing. So consult a search engine to find more examples.

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