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Terms and Conditions

These actions are made for Adobe Photoshop and have been tested on Adobe Photoshop CS5. All Photoshop actions are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. By downloading and using these Photoshop actions you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of use:

These Photoshop actions are free for any use. You may use these Photoshop actions in any commercial or non-commercial works. You may also adapt or derive new Photoshop actions from these existing actions. If you use these Photoshop actions and/or derive new Photoshop actions from these actions, please credit JFotography and link back to this page so others can gain access to these actions as well. Feel free to share your result on JFotography's Facebook page

You may redistribute these Photoshop actions. You must credit JFotography as the original source and link back to this page. 

How to download
  • Click on the desired action file (.atn) to download it into your local Downloads directory. Proceed to install the action by following the directions below.
  • Or right-click on the desired action file and click Save link as... to save the action file to the desired directory.

How to Install Photoshop Actions
  • Automatic installation: Locate JFotography's Photoshop Actions in your local Downloads directory. Double click the action to automatically load it .
  • Manual installation if automatic installation fails: Download JFotography's Photoshop Actions to your default Photoshop Actions directory. This is typically located under:
for Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop\Presets\Actions
for Mac: /Applications\Adobe Photoshop\Presets\Actions
  • Go to Window > Actions to open the actions palette if it isn't already (see image on left)
  • Click on the small triangle in the right upper corner (see image on the left)
  • Select Load Actions from the menu, locate the action you downloaded and click Load
  • The action will be loaded as an action set folder by the same name. Click the triangle next to the folder to expand it and see the individual actions. 
  • Select the individual action and click the Play button at the bottom of the actions palette to run the selected action (see image on left)


  • There are many more indepth tutorials on how to install Photoshop Actions all over the internet that may be better tailored to your operating system or Photoshop version. Consult a search engine.

Infrared by JFotography.atn Infrared by JFotography.atn
Size : 5.788 Kb
Type : atn


  • Best for nature shots with lots of blue skies and green grass


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Warm Me Up by JFotography.atn Warm Me Up by JFotography.atn
Size : 1.704 Kb
Type : atn
Monochrome Effects by JFotography.atn Monochrome Effects by JFotography.atn
Size : 4.513 Kb
Type : atn
Midsummer Light by JFotography.atn Midsummer Light by JFotography.atn
Size : 1.615 Kb
Type : atn


  • Try using curves to manually adjust contrast after applying this action
Amber Ambiance by JFotography.atn Amber Ambiance by JFotography.atn
Size : 0.427 Kb
Type : atn


  • For bringing out cool hues in the shadows and warm hues in highlights

Ancient Warmth by JFotography.atn Ancient Warmth by JFotography.atn
Size : 4.097 Kb
Type : atn


  • Action Set contains 3 actions, one standard Ancient Warmth action, one to create a more faded, vintage look Fadeout, and one for a monochromatic sepia-toned look Sepia Effect

Bohemian Sundance Action by JFotography.atn Bohemian Sundance Action by JFotography.atn
Size : 5.543 Kb
Type : atn


  • Action Set contains 2 actions, one with automatic contrast adjustment Bohemian Sundance and one without Without Auto-Contrast
  • Try using curves to manually adjust contrast and then apply Without Auto-Contrast for a more tailored effect

Parisian Rain by JFotography.atn Parisian Rain by JFotography.atn
Size : 3.052 Kb
Type : atn


  • Action Set contains 2 actions, Parisian Rain and Simplified
  • The Simplified action is recommended for photos with a lot of bright blue or bright red hues

Revenues from advertising go toward keeping the contents on this site free. Contact us if you're interested in advertising with JFotography.

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